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A Privileged Pilgrimage

We are often asked about what inspired us to do the Camino? How did we hear about it? Why would we want to walk 800km as some form of a holiday?

We watched a good friend complete the Camino just a few years back and he had he most incredible time. We were immediately hooked and knew this was something we wanted to complete in the coming years. Why would you wait until your retired?

When Shane Warne (famous Aussie cricketer) passed away in early 2022 we thought 'what are we waiting for'? Why are we delaying this any longer, let's book! And so we did. 

Privileged Pilgrims was born during our time on the Camino Frances in 2022. Many of those that complete the Camino do so without any accommodation bookings, bag transfers and private rooms and bathrooms. Having watched way too many Camino videos on the bed bugs, snoring in the albergues and the rush everyday to secure a bed we decided against staying in this type of communal accommodation and so Privileged Pilgrims was born. With our luggage transferred each day and private rooms in some of the best hotels along the way, it was certainly a privileged way to complete our Camino and we hope to inspire and inform others who may be of the same mindset.

Buen Camino xx

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