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Camino Inspiration - Before you depart

Updated: Jul 2

There are numerous books, YouTube videos and websites to provide some inspiration for the Camino.

Whilst many of these feature Albergues and carrying everything yourself, you can still get a great feel for the Camino and some incredibly helpful hints and tips. Our favourite sources of inspiration include:


Rob's Camino -

Drew Robinson -

Efren -


The ONLY book you will need for the Camino Frances (and other Camino's for that matter) is John Brierley's 'A Pilgrim's Guide to the'.

This is like the bible, you will see multiple people along the track with this book. Whilst we had our accommodation all sorted, we would have missed so many things along the way each day if it wasn't for this book.

Be careful though! I found it could become a curse checking it too often for distance left, how far the towns are and what elevation profile was coming up. Definitely use it, but don't let it take over your day and check it too often!

In addition, I also used Lonely Planet Spain when planning my Camino as it also had plenty of accommodation, restaurant and attraction suggestions.


Follow the Yellow Shell - Great guide to the various routes and stages and it helps you prepare, plan and walk The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Also check out the ‘arrival’ video!

Stingy Nomads - despite the name this is an awesome resource for any privileged pilgrim. They have awesome free downloadable stage guides which are a great alternative to John Brierley's book as well as downloadable pdf's of accommodation options, which includes a great list of private hotels!


There are some awesome Instagram accounts with plenty of information, although none I can find that focus on private hotels and would be super relevant to a 'privileged pilgrim'. Although suggest you check out:



@summitxtreme (this is the Instagram of Efren)

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