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Just get it transferred!

Having some extra luxuries from home can be a god send on the Camino. I loved the thought of not having to wash my clothes everyday, and being able to pack some extras for the changing weather.

You might read you 'pack your fears'. And you know what we probably did. It was our first time doing the Camino. Despite how many blogs we'd read or YouTube's we watched its very hard to get a real sense of it. If you've read my other post (find here) about what we should have packed and what we shouldn't have packed then you'll know that we totally overpacked and would definitely pack a lot less next time!

However one thing is for certain, I'd definitely be transferring my bags again. It makes such a difference without all that weight on your back and to know you've got a few extra things at the end of the day made life so much easier!

Whilst your going to read numerous blogs where baggage transfer is not encouraged, I think it's helpful for a number of reasons:

👉🏻If you have special diet or medical needs 👉🏻 If you are heading somewhere before or after your Camino

👉🏻If you already experience any pain or discomfort when walking, then lightening your load wherever possible will assist

👉🏻If you just want some additional creature comforts without worry (🙋‍♀️!)

There are a number of other luggage transfer options available including Correos and Jacotrans. We had our bags transferred each day by Camino Facil. Whilst you might read that it should only be soft shell bags under 20kg I wouldn't worry too much. Most people that had their luggage transferred had hard shell suitcases. We are really glad we didn't listen to the advice and go out and buy soft shell suitcases as it would have been a waste of money.

There can certainly be some snobbery within the Camino community online about carrying your own pack. We didn't experience any of this whilst actually walking so don't worry. In fact most people actually wished they were doing the same!

Remember it's YOUR Camino and YOUR journey.

Buen Camino xx

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