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Hotel or Albergue? Why choose to stay in private rooms on the Camino!

Updated: May 19


Bed bugs

Mixed sex dorms

Lack of privacy

Peace of mind of having a booking

Not having to rush to secure a bed

Have your own bathroom

Like to do your own thing

There’s many reasons why an Albergue may not be an attractive option for those about to undertake the Camino.

For me, the peace of mind of having a booking each night, having my own privacy and personal space and not having to rush for a bed were the most important reasons for staying in hotels or bed and breakfasts with private rooms and bathrooms. I also wanted to saviour each day and after a long days walk I couldn’t think of anything worse than not knowing where I would be staying.

Not to mention the snoring! My partner snores loud enough, I couldn’t imagine a whole room full of people snoring. I need a decent nights sleep if I’m going to walk 25+km a day!

Having forward bookings in a private room was the best option for us and you will not doubt discover, that it is the preferred option for many others on their Camino too.

Don’t feel pressured to have to ‘conform’ to staying in albergues. There are some incredible options to make your Camino more comfortable. At the end of the day, remember it’s your Camino.

Stay tuned for some recommendations of fabulous private rooms and bathrooms along the Camino Frances.

Buen Camino

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